Our mission is to help students start a relationship with God, strengthen that relationship, and also learn how to serve others. And we have a great time doing those things!

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Sunday School - High School

M & M

MSM Sunday school allows students to interact and learn the basic truths of Scripture in a relaxed classroom environment.

While it is a Sunday School format of teaching and learning, the student has the opportunity to ask questions and discover how God’s Word is practical for everyday life.



No Other Gods Current Series: No Other Gods
Description: Recognizing that the Bible warns against false teaching and presents Jesus Christ as the only way to God, this course helps students understand the cults and false religions in our world today.



Wed Night Small Group - Combined Jr. High & High School

The teen small group structure is designed to build relationships and unity centered on the teaching of God's Word and prayer. Teen Small Group meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm. We focus on Bible study, discussion, encouragement, application, accountability, and prayer. Small Groups will be taking a break in July and August, which will allow for students to serve & participate in various summer ministries, provide vacation time and preparation for the upcoming school year.

Responding to Culture Current Series: Responding to Culture
Description: Culture is something you cannot avoid, and we are given an opportunity to respond. The things we watch, listen to, and what our friends our saying…they can either influence us, or we can be an influence. Christ said we need to a light in this world, and this series will help us understand a little more about this world and how we should respond

Sunday Night Live - Combined Jr. High & High School

Senior Night 2016 Sunday Night Live is a time where our purpose can be accomplished. Starting a relationship with God can happen when inviting friends to the play, praise, and pray night. This is a night when we have a fun activity, sing and praise God with our praise band, and pray together. Also, strengthening your relationship with God happens in our Bible study time. Lastly, service to God and others happens during our service project nights that include local and international projects.
Sunday Night Live begins at 6pm but teens are encouraged to come early to hang out and play games. Sunday Night Live is located in a separate building behind the church facility. It is the big beige building... you can't miss it.

*Note: During the winter months, the group will meet INSIDE the church building.

Relationship Status Current Series: Relationship Status
Description: After learning how to deal with the stresses of life, how do we help our friends going through difficult times? What about our relationships with our family, how do we not go crazy with our siblings and how we need to have a higher goal than just to “get along” with our parents? These are the issues and questions we will tackle in this series.