2011 Messages

Special Messages

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2/27/2011 Dedication Service / 125th Anniversary   mp3
3/13/2011 Jeremy Hales speaking – Skyview Ranch   mp3
3/20/2011 Scott Bruins speaking – Scioto Hills   mp3
5/08/2011 Mother’s Day: “A Faithful Woman…who can find?”
with guest performance by Radical Obedience choral group
Luke 2:36-38 mp3
5/22/2011 Biker Sunday: “Fan or Follower?” John 6 mp3
4/17/2011 Communion Sunday: "Was the Cross Difficult for Jesus?" Matt 27:45-46 mp3
4/24/2011 Easter Musical: The Cross "From Hurts to Hallelujahs" John 11:25-26 mp3
6/05/2011 Candidate Sunday for Associate Pastor in Youth & Family Ministries Col. 1:23-9  mp3
6/19/2011 Special Message & Baptismal serivce   mp3
7/24/2011 Bowes family, Missionaries to Germany   mp3
8/07/2011 Communion Sunday: "Thinking through the Death of Christ: His Death vs. My Sin" I Cor. 11:27-30 mp3
8/14/2011 Missionary Tom Wolf (ABWE - South Africa)   mp3
9/25/2011 Dye family, Missionaries to Germany   mp3
10/09/2011 Communion Sunday: "How does the cross satisfy God?" Rom 3:21-6 mp3

Sermon Series

For My Friend to Know Jesus...

For My Friend to Know Jesus All of us live and work surrounded by unbelievers. We cannot escape being with them. You go to the doctor's office and the person next to you in the waiting room may be an unbeliever. You go to a family reunion... chances are you will meet an unbeliever. At school, in the factory or office, out on the job site, in the park or at the mall or the auto dealership or grocery store... they are all around us and they need the Lord Jesus. In keeping with MBC's 2011 theme of “Open hearts… Open hands” we want to discover how we can help our friends know Jesus. Our teacher will be the Apostle John and his classroom will be mostly the first four chapters of the Gospel according to John. John's goal as an evangelist is to bring people to faith in Christ so that they have eternal life. Evidence... belief... life is the outline of his book. John 20:30-31 summarizes his Gospel account:

30 Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; 31 but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.

John's strategy for leading our friends to Christ...
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The witnesses to Jesus
John 1-2 mp3
The witness of Jesus to Nicodemus Part I
John 3 mp3
The witness of Jesus to Nicodemus Part II
John 3 mp3
The witness of Jesus to the Samaritan Part I
John 4 mp3
The witness of Jesus to the Samaritan Part II
John 4 mp3
5/15/2011 Shut-in Sunday: “For My Friend to Know Jesus” - The Witness of Jesus to an Invalid (special prayer time for our shut-ins) John 5 mp3
5/29/2011 Memorial Day Sunday: “For My Friend to Know Jesus” - The Witness of Jesus to a Blind Man John 9 N/A

The Faces of Giving (Stewardship Series)

Face of Giving Biblical stewardship comes alive when we see it in action. Our annual month-long study in stewardship will give us front row seats to people practicing different levels of giving. We are going to learn what tithe-giving is and how offering-giving works. We will also come away with a better understanding of generosity-giving and discover the real meaning of sacrificial-giving. Let's pray together that God will transform our perspective of life-giving.
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2/06/2011 Tithe-Giving Abraham (Gen 14)
Jacob (Gen 28)
2/13/2011 Offering-Giving Paul (II Cor 12:14-19)
David (I Chr 21:18-27)
2/20/2011 Generosity-Giving The Philippians (Phil 4:10-20)
The Macedonians (II Cor 8:1-5)
3/06/2011 Sacrificial-Giving Hushai (II Sam 15:32-37; 16:16-19; 17:5-23)
Esther (Esther 4:1-17)

Church 101: What the Church Should Be!

1 Timothy “Everyone has ideas on what church should be. What shapes people's expectations of church? Where do people get their ideas of what a church ought to be?" They can range from what grandma told them to what the latest church fad may be. The impact of so many diverse ideas about church is weakening the influence of the body of Christ on the world and its own people. Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck in their book Why We Love the Church make the following observation about what C. S. Lewis called “Chronological Snobbery.”

“The phrase refers to the all-too-common tendency among Christians to quickly discount what is old and automatically embrace what is new…Although there is much talk these days about our lack of Christian community…the one community we seldom look to for wisdom is the community of the dead. Being inclusive toward the communion of the saints—who represent different centuries, different cultures, and different contexts-seems to be the one type of diversity that doesn’t count.”

So… where does one go to discover what church should be? And why is such a question vitally important to 21st century people? The obvious answer to the first question is the Scripture itself. And the answer to the second question will become readily apparent as we move through our study together on the book of I Timothy. Join us for an eye-opening expositional journey through Paul’s first letter to Timothy called: "Church 101: What the Church should be!”
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Part I
4/03/2011 “A Place of Sound Teaching” I Tim. 1:1-11 mp3
4/10/2011 “A Place of Salvation Testimony” I Tim. 1:12-16 mp3
Part II
6/12/2011 “A Place of Firm Conviction” I Tim. 1:17-20 mp3
6/26/2011 “A Place of Evangelistic Prayer” I Tim. 2:1-7 mp3
7/03/2011 “A Place of Holy Habits” I Tim. 2:8-15 mp3
7/10/2011 “A Place of Righteous Leadership” part 1 I Tim. 3:1-7 mp3
7/17/2011 “A Place of Righteous Leadership” part 2 I Tim. 3:8-13 mp3
7/31/2011 “A Place of God-centered Priorities” I Tim. 3:14-16 mp3
Part III
9/18/2011 “A Place of Biblical Discernment” part 1 I Tim. 4:1-5 mp3
10/02/2011 “A Place of Biblical Discernment” part 2 I Tim. 4:6-11 mp3
10/16/2011 “A Place where New Generations are Challenged” I Tim. 4:12-16 mp3
10/23/2011 “A Place of Family Compassion” I Tim. 5:1-8 mp3
10/30/2011 “A Place of Family Wisdom” I Tim. 5:9-19 mp3
11/06/2011 “A Place of Family Rules” I Tim. 5:17-25 mp3
11/13/2011 “A Place of True Accountability” I Tim. 6:1-5 mp3
11/20/2011 “A Place of Godly Contentment” I Tim. 6:6-10 mp3
11/27/2011 “A Place of Strong Commitment” I Tim. 6:11-21 mp3

Psalm 1

Psalm 1 A study in Psalm 1
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8/21/2011 "The Fight of your Life for the Good of your Soul" Part 1 Psalm 1 mp3
9/11/2011 "The Fight of your Life for the Good of your Soul" Part 2 Psalm 1 mp3

My God is better than your god

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8/28/2011 "My God is better than your god" Part 1 - Pastor Jeff Isa 40: 18-24 mp3
9/4/2011 "My God is better than your god" Part 2 - Pastor Jeff Isa 40: 25-31 mp3

Why Christmas?

Why Christmas WHY did Jesus come into this world? If you were in a wonderful place, why would you leave it to go to a land where you were mostly unknown and unwanted? Your life there would be short, but full of trials and days of teaching. And worst of all, you would know your fate and that the end wouldn't be pretty. Why Christmas? Why would we celebrate the coming of one who seemed to experience one tragedy after another? What is all the hype about the coming of Christ? We are going to discover together from God's Word why Jesus came. There are 4 powerful and incredible reasons why Jesus came. These reasons affect every human being on the face of the earth - you and I included. When you know the reasons, you can never be the same. Join us as we explore an answer to the question: "WHY CHRISTMAS?"
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12/04/2011 He came to save Sinners Luke 19:1-10 mp3
12/11/2011 He came to destroy the works of the Devil Heb 2:14-18; I Jn 3:8 mp3
12/18/2011 He came to Die Jn 3:16; Mk 10:45 mp3
12/25/2011 He came to proclaim the Truth John 18:33-37 mp3

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