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Solid Grounds Café Spring 2018 Schedule

Event starts @ 6 pm on the following Sunday dates in the Hearth Room.


It ought to be natural for us to speak of our Lord Jesus to others on a regular basis, but all too often we “freeze up” or “chicken-out.” Depending on the Holy Spirit is a necessity we all believe, but are often shaky about it. In this series entitled “Tactics: Learning how to effectively discuss your Christian Convictions” Gregory Koukl will help us initiate conversations about our Lord Jesus and present the truth graciously and effectively even when under attack.

Gregory Koukl is founder and president of “Stand to Reason” and has spoken on over 50 university campuses defending and presenting the faith.

Get ready to learn how to share the most glorious message of all – Christ above all!

  • February 25th - “Getting you into the Driver’s Seat: Learning the Columbo Tactic"
  • March 4th - No Solid Grounds Café due to AWANA Grand Prix
  • March 11th - "Refining the Columbo Tactic"
  • March 18th - No Solid Grounds Café due to board meeting
  • March 25th - No Solid Grounds Café due to missions conference
  • April 1st - No Solid Grounds Café due to Easter
  • April 8th - "Perfecting the Columbo Tactic"
  • April 15th - "Perfecting the Columbo Tactic"
  • April 22nd - "The Suicide Tactic"
  • April 29th - "The Taking-the-Roof-Off Tactic”
  • May 6th- "The Steamroller Tactic"
  • Location MBC