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Solid Grounds Café Winter/Spring 2019 Schedule

Event starts @ 6 pm on the following Sunday dates in the Hearth Room

“God is the Center/Grace is the Key” continues


No story in the Bible has fascinated us more than Jonah’s story in the Old Testament. Jonah thought he could short-circuit, outrun, and push back God’s grace. If we are going to grow to be like Christ then we must learn how God is the center of our world, and grace is the key to our growth and well-being in this world. In this series we will continue to walk with Jonah as he learns all about God and Grace. We will discover the answers to vital questions about God’s grace in our lives and in our world.

  • Jan 6th - Have you encountered God's uncomfortable grace?
  • Jan 13th - Has God's grace changed you?
  • Jan 20th - No Solid Grounds Café due to board meeting
  • Jan 27th - What is your potential in grace?
  • Feb 3rd - What does God’s love look like?
  • Feb 10th - Do you want what God wants?
  • Feb 17th - No Solid Grounds Café due to board meeting
  • Feb 24th - What does it mean to follow God?

“Generosity: How God’s Radical Grace Makes us Givers”

Watch your mouth

Tim Keller and Abraham Cho will take us on a journey that will show us that generosity in the Bible is so much more than just being generous with money. We are going to learn what it means to be generous through service, relationships, hospitality, through the privileges and power we hold, and yes through our resources. This 7 part series will answer questions like “What does it look like to be a more hospitable community? and where can we find the resources to forgive those who have wrong us? and How can we become better stewards of our money? There will be great discussion times to follow each session.

  • Mar 3rd - Generosity and God's Grace
  • Mar 10th - Generosity and Relationships
  • Mar 17th - No Solid Grounds Café due to board meeting
  • Mar 24th - Hospitality and God's Grace
  • Mar 31st - Generosity and Ministry
  • Apr 7th - Generosity and Wealth, part 1
  • Apr 14th - Generosity and Wealth, part 2
  • Apr 21st - No Solid Grounds Café due to board meeting
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