Memorial Play Cafe
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Memorial Play Cafe

What is Memorial Play Café?
  • It is a place where neighbors can gather for fun and encouragement.
  • It is a place where young children (from birth to 5 yrs old) can come and run, jump, play interact with others, and learn to share, explore new and different toys, and use up some energy!
  • It is a place where parents can sit back and relax, drink good coffee, eat delicious pastries, and build friendships with other parents of preschoolers.
  • It is a place where God’s love can be shared and needs can be met. AND IT’S ALL FREE!!!!!
  • You are invited to join us Tuesday mornings from 10 am until noon at Memorial Baptist Church, 2435 Eakin RD. on the west side of Columbus for a fun play time. The café runs Tues from Sept-Nov. & from Jan-April/May.

Particulars: You will be asked to register and sign a waiver form. Then you will be free to enjoy 2 hours of play time, coffee, juice boxes, pastries.
**Please note** The play café is not a day care or babysitting service. You will be expected to stay with the children you bring while they play.

Bring a friend. We can’t wait to meet you!

Location MBC