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Solid Grounds Café Winter 2020 Schedule

Event starts @ 6 pm on the following Sunday dates in the Hearth Room, unless otherwise noted

“The Church in Babylon”

Church in Babylon

Daniel faced this challenge just as we do. A captive in a pagan land, he resolved to faithfully follow God while serving in a nation that hated his God. Can we do the same? Like the Jews in Babylon, we must learn to engage our culture without being spiritually destroyed by it. Erwin Lutzer will challenge us to the reality that we can engage the culture without intimidation or discouragement.

  • Jan 5th - The Church in Babylon

“Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel”


A follow up to what The church in Babylon taught us, we want to go a bit more in depth in engaging our culture effectively. We live in a culture that’s undergone dramatic shifts in a remarkably short period of time. Many Christians are understandably distraught, not knowing how to carry out Christ’s mission in a world they don’t recognize anymore. Some believers think we should try to be politically engaged and take back the political process. Some believers think we should compromise and evolve on certain issues to gain a hearing from the culture. Still others are convinced that we should retreat into our churches and just focus on standing firm and focus on the Gospel internally.
But Jesus has another message for us. He teaches us how we are to live and work and bear witness as citizens of another “culture,” another kingdom. Our study over the next few weeks will enable us to understand how to engage the culture for Christ without losing the Gospel in the process.

  • Jan 12th - "Culture", meeting in worship center
  • Jan 26th - "Mission"
  • Feb 2nd - "Human Dignity"
  • Feb 9th - "Family Stability"/"Convictional Kindness"

“Luke's Dispatches”


Dispatches from the Front goes to the Middle East, where Luke wrote of Gospel advance in the first centuries—stories which continue to unfold in our day. Each episode opens in the book of Acts and then fast-forwards to tell of God’s work in the same regions today in order to underscore that what Jesus began, He continues, and He will complete! His Kingdom spans not only continents but also centuries, and the Gospel that was powerful in Luke’s day is still at work in our day!

  • Mar 1st - Dispatches from the Front - "Caesarea & Tyre"
  • Mar 8th - Dispatches from the Front - "Turkey"

“American Gospel”


In this powerful presentation we will find the answer to the question: “Is Christianity Christ plus? The formula many are being taught: Christ + Works + Health + Wealth + Miracles is such a distortion of the Gospel. Who is teaching this and why? How do we are believers in Christ counteract such deceptive and devilish teaching? This series will not only examine the word of Faith movement but also help us examine the biblical truth regarding such teaching.

  • Apr 5th - "American Gospel - part 1"
  • Apr 19th - "American Gospel - part 3"
  • Apr 26th - "American Gospel - part 3"
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