Ladies' Retreat
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Ladies' retreat at Scioto Hills for their "Rejuvenate Ladies' Retreat"

Speaker: Becky McDonald

Dates: September 11-13, 2020

2020 Pricing

  • Friday - Sunday (5 meals, activities, sessions, lodging) - $99.00
  • Friday & Saturday (4 meals, activities, sessions, lodging) - $89.00
  • Friday Only (meal, session, activities, no lodging) - $52.00
  • Saturday Only (3 meals, sessions, activities, no lodging) - $52.00

For complete information & to register, visit Scioto Hill's website "HERE". Online registration is directly through Scioto Hill's website and opens 8/10/2020. See Scioto Hill's website for contact info if you have questions about their online registration or need to obtain a paper registration form.

Location Scioto Hills