Sunday Worship

Live-streaming of services continue to be available on Facebook

Visit at the time of the service ~10:30am.

CLICK HERE for Facebook Live Stream Instructions.


In person service info:

This is candidate Sunday - we will try to fit everyone in the Sanctuary (please adhere to wearing face covering through the duration of the service)!
Optional seating in the gym for those not comfortable with sitting in the Sanctuary. *For those who are unable to enter the church building through the gym or the front entrance, the doors under the portico will open at 10:15 am to allow for anyone who needs to use the lift.

*Exception: option for families w/ young children to meet in gym regardless of name division so they can take kids outside and not disrupt live-streaming & recording in the worship center.


* Take your temperature at home. If you have a temporary please stay home.
* Observe 6 feet physical distancing
* Wear face coverings (except children less than 2-3 yrs old)
* Wash hands / use hand sanitizer
* Wave instead of shaking hands / hugging
* One person permitted in restroom at a time

Location MBC