Small Group Mission Statement

"To provide a setting in which individuals can follow Christ by learning and applying God's Word, while serving each other in biblical community."

MBC Adult Small Groups are an opportunity for 10-12 adults to come together on a regular basis for friendship, prayer, Bible study, discussion, and encouragement. (1 John 1:3-7)

Why Join a Small Group at MBC?

You will be in a very practical environment for spiritual growth.

You will be challenged to put God’s truth into practice.

You will be regularly prayed for and cared for.

You will enjoy consistent encouragement & support with other believers.

You will make many new friends and build strong, lasting relationships.

Southwest Columbus - MBC Wed Small Group

Our small group meets at the church to afford people opportunity to meet in a more traditional setting. We work our way through books of the Bible and enjoy the interaction that comes with learning and growing. We have a wide range of ages and interests. New people join us regularly, we are so easy to find, and you can't miss us. Our group meets at MBC on Wednesdays from 7 - 8:15pm. Kids are welcome.

Contact Person: Roger and Denise Senerius

Southwest Columbus - MBC Thu Small Group

This small group contains an eclectic blend of singles, young adults and married couples, some with kids, others without. Our primary focus is to study the Bible together and grow in biblical maturity within an environment, and at a pace, that makes everyone comfortable; regardless of their biblical knowledge at the onset. Sound interesting? If so, you’ll fit right in – come grow with us Thursdays at MBC from 7 - 8:15pm.

Contact Person: Chris and Melissa Tucker

Grove City West Small Group

Our small group meets on Wednesday nights from 7 - 8:15pm and is made up of a variety of ages and positions in life. We have senior citizens, couples raising kids and some in between. Our interaction is phenomenal and we are always welcoming new people. We study the Bible together challenging ourselves and one another to apply what we learn.

Contact Person: Eldon and Denise Shepherd

Grove City Central Small Group

Our small group is made up of many age levels and learning interests. We are the “coffee lovers” of the region. We always have a pot of coffee on as we learn and grow together. We always welcome new people to our group and enjoy growing pains. The Bible is our intense focus and lively discussion is our forte. Come and join us on Thursday evenings from 7 - 8:15pm. If you don’t like coffee... we have pop too!.

Contact Person: Rodney and Shelly Riley

Grove City East Small Group

Our small group is comprised of young adults, couples and singles, but anyone is welcome. The mindset we desire is to make less of ourselves as we make more of Christ with our lives. Our studies vary, some coming from books of the Bible, others from Bible topics. We seek to be a community that is an extension of the local church by encouraging, challenging and deepening our relationships. We meet on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm.

Contact: Michael and Morgan Williams

Upper Arlington/Hilliard Small Group

Our small group is made up of a variety of ages and vocational pursuits. We study a range of Bible topics that practically help us to live out our faith in Christ. Bible learning, DVD sessions, lively discussion, and "support in community" help us to connect with each other and new people. We enjoy eating too! Spiritual growth is the result of our time together. Join us on Wednesday evenings from 7 - 8:15pm. Kids welcome :-).

Contact Person: Kent and Ruby Skipper

Southwest Columbus Small Group

Our small group is made up of couples who desire to grow in their walk with Christ and to build stronger relationships with others. We explore DVD Bible studies through teaching and discussion. We meet on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm and are not far from Memorial Baptist Church.

Contact Person: Mitch and Laura Adams

Grove City South Teen Small Group

The teen small group structure is designed to build relationships, answer spiritual questions, and discuss real life issues with the foundation of the teaching of God's Word and prayer. The students will typically have a short lesson time, followed by small groups. Small groups consist of prayer, discussion, encouragement, and accountability. We meet on Wednesday nights from 7 - 8:15pm.

Contact Person: Pastor Jeff and Shannon Beckley

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