“...they sent them off...when they arrived...they proclaimed the Word of God” Acts 13:3,5


Memorial Missions Worldwide was established by Memorial Baptist Church in the fall of 2014 as a Global ministry for one of our own people. The area of the Dominican Republic that our missionary was called to serve has no mission agency presence. The church-planting team our missionary is part of is also served by a local Baptist church agency.


* It is our goal to further the mission of Memorial Baptist Church through its people which is stated in our Church’s Vision & Mission Statement:

“Inviting People to Know and Follow Christ”

* Therefore, it is our desire for MMW to function as a facilitating arm of our local church on behalf of our missionary, satisfying the legal and practical requirements that will...

  1. Enable our missionary to serve effectively in the place of God’s calling
  2. Extend the MBC mission globally through that missionary’s ministry


Memorial Missions Worldwide maintains its own fund accounts and administrative personnel so that all transactions are separate from the sending church accounts. All donations are tax exempt under the church’s IRS exemption requirements and receipted from Memorial Missions Worldwide.

All donations are given in their entirety to the mission candidate. No administrative funds are deducted from donations. All administrative costs are covered by Memorial Baptist Church donations to Memorial Missions Worldwide fund account and are not charged to the missionary.

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