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Special Messages

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3/04/2012 Communion Sunday Galatians 2:15-21 mp3
3/25/2012 Missions Conference   N/A
4/6/2012 Good Friday message: "Meaning of the Cross" Pastor Don Whipple
(Kossuth Street Baptist Church)
Luke 23:44-49;
Acts 2:22-36
4/8/2012 Easter Sunday: "The Day Everything Changed" Matthew 28:1-10 mp3
5/06/2012 Communion Sunday 1 Cor 11:23-26 mp3
5/13/2012 Mother's Day: "Lessons from the First Lady" Gen 2-3 mp3
5/20/2012 Biker Sunday: "Who is Jesus?" Luke 9:18-20 mp3
5/27/2012 Memorial Day: "Building Memorials that Last" Acts 20:24 mp3
6/03/2012 "Building a Faith that Endures" - Pastor Tom Wolf (missionary to South Africa) II Tim 4:7 mp3
6/10/2012 "Building a Church that Lasts" - Pastor Tom Wolf (missionary to South Africa) Acts 20:28 mp3
6/17/2012 Father's Day: "Dads Who Reshape Their Kids' Hearts" Proverbs mp3
6/24/2012 Jeff & Megan Kliewer - Assistant Missionary Program experience in Portugal John 15 mp3
7/22/2012 David Dunkerton dedication Sunday
Speaker:  Dr. Daniel Anderson (President of Appalachian Bible College)
Acts 13:1-3 mp3
7/29/2012 Communion Sunday: "What We See When We Come to the Lord's Supper" 1 Cor 10:1-22; 11:24-32 mp3
8/19/2012 GPS Mission Team Presentation - Pastor Jeff & teens Ephesians 2:1-10 mp3
9/30/2012 Tobias' Ministry Update, Missionaries to Papua New Guinea   mp3
10/7/2012 Communion Sunday: How are we to take the Lord’s Supper? 1 Cor 11:27-34 mp3
10/28/2012 Jim Chambers family, Missionaries to Zambia   N/A
12/16/2012 Christmas Musical Celebration: "Noel & Alleluia: Jesus is Born"   mp3
12/23/2012 Christmas Service: "Peace on Earth... Really?" - Pastor Tom Wolf (missionary to South Africa) John 14:25-31 mp3
12/30/2012 New Year's preparation service - Pastor Paul Laborde (pastor in Otsego, Michigan)   mp3

Sermon Series

Going Beyond

Going Beyond


Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."

The church has had some influence in the realms of education, health care, social reform, and politics. But the primary task of the church is not in those things. The primary agenda of the church is to take the Gospel across the street and around the world. That requires going beyond our immediate boundaries. The text of Acts 1:8 shows us ever widening concentric circles of advancement that God intends for the church. The tough news is that it takes effort, sacrifice, and it will often be accompanied by trouble and extreme difficulty. But the good news is that we do not go beyond our boundaries in our own power. We have been given the presence and vitality of the Holy Spirit Himself.

In our series together in the month of January we are going to examine some specific instances in which the church went beyond its boundaries in the book of Acts. These examples are going to help us move beyond our own boundaries to share the good news of Christ. And we are going to discover the necessity of the power of the Holy Spirit to do so.
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1/01/2012 Philip goes to the pagan [Ethiopian Eunuch] ...so must we (Pastor Wright) Acts 8 mp3
1/08/2012 Peter goes to the offensive [Cornelius] ...so must we (Pastor Wright) Acts 10 mp3
1/15/2012 Paul goes to the distant [Macedonia] ...so must we (Pastor Jeff) Acts 16 mp3
1/22/2012 Paul goes to the intellectual [Mars Hill] ...so must we (Pastor Wright) Acts 17 mp3
1/29/2012 Paul goes to the powerful [Felix & Agrippa] ...so must we (Pastor Jeff) Acts 24-26 mp3

Elijah: "Faith on the Run"



Text: I Kings 17-19

One can only look at the life of Elijah with a certain amount of awe and attraction. He was a dynamic prophet, warrior, and ambassador for God’s great cause. Yet in the New Testament we are told he was just like us [James 5:17]. From the powerful denunciation in the throne room of a king…to a café served by black birds by a creek…and then on to the backside of nowhere in a widow’s home all the way up on a mountain top for a fiery showdown of the gods to an arduous run for his very life… we follow the breathless journey of this servant of God.

Yet… there is a side of Elijah that is often forgotten… his experience with stewardship. Elijah learned both sides of the stewardship experience… “Receiving & Giving.” In our four weeks together during this stewardship month we want to follow the prophet around and learn some stewardship essentials for our own lives. Join us on the journey together. When our journey is complete it is our prayer that: We will love God more fervently and practice stewardship more faithfully.
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Stewardship Responsibility: OBEY
I Kings 17:1-16 mp3
Stewardship Responsibility: PRAY
I Kings 17:17-24 mp3
Stewardship Responsibility: BELIEVE
I Kings 18:1-46 mp3
Stewardship Responsibility: LISTEN
I Kings 19:1-18 mp3

RE-live: Journey with Jesus


RE-live: Journey with Jesus [A Study of Mark's Gospel]

We are going to RE-live the journey of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark by traveling with Him, and getting to know the real Christ. The idea is that exposing ourselves to Christ & His gospel in an everyday life journey with Jesus is compelling. It is life-changing.

Why the Gospel of Mark? Mark is written in the present tense, often using words like “immediately” to pack the account full of action. In the words of Timothy Keller, “…Jesus is not merely a historical figure, but a living reality, a person who addresses us today.”

We are going to RE-live the journey with Jesus, capturing the action, watching His behavior as He heads resolutely to the cross. Because we will pay close attention to what Jesus did, we will not be able to remain neutral; we need to respond actively!
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RE-live... the Initiation of the Journey – Mark 1
3/11/2012 Get Ready... Get Set Mark 1:1-13 mp3
3/18/2012 Go... Part 1 Mark 1:1:14-15 mp3
4/1/2012 Go... Part 2 Mark 1:15-40 mp3
RE-live... the Trouble on the Journey – Mark 2, 3
4/15/2012 Why That? Mark 2:1-27 mp3
4/22/2012 Who Do You Think You Are? Mark 3:1-34 mp3
RE-live... the WOW Factor of the Journey – Mark 4, 5
4/29/2012 Sowers & Soils Mark 4:1-20 mp3
7/01/2012 Baskets & Seeds Mark 4:21-33 mp3
7/08/2012 Disasters, Demons, & Diseases Mark 4:35-5:43 mp3
RE-live... the Road-Trip of the Journey – Mark 6:1-8:21
7/15/2012 Downhill Moments Mark 6:1-29 mp3
8/05/2012 Too Many / Too Much Mark 6:30-56 mp3
8/12/2012 The Defiled, the Dogs, and the Deaf Mark 7:1-37 mp3
9/16/2012 Stupid Questions Mark 8:1-21 mp3
RE-live... the Sign-Posts Along the Journey – Mark 8:22-9:50
9/23/2012 Can You See? Mark 8:22-9:1 mp3
10/14/2012 Seeing Who and Seeing How Mark 9:2-29 mp3
10/21/2012 Groping in the Dark Mark 9:30-50 mp3
RE-live... the Last Goodbye of the Journey – Mark 10-16
11/4/2012 Final Impressions Mark 10 mp3
11/11/2012 Wrapping It Up Mark 11-12 mp3
11/18/2012 The Sermon, part 1 Mark 13:1-13 mp3
11/25/2012 The Sermon, part 2 Mark 13:14-37 mp3
12/2/2012 Death March, part 1 Mark 14 mp3
12/9/2012 Death March, part 2 Mark 15 mp3
3/31/2013 Easter: "Come Back" (conclusion of RE-live: Journey with Jesus series) Mark 16 mp3

bLinD fAiTh

bLinD fAiTh A study in Hebrews 11
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8/26/2012 "Fearless Faith" - Pastor Jeff Hebrews 11:1-7 mp3
9/02/2012 "Flabbergasted Faith" - Pastor Jeff Heb 11:8-16 mp3
9/09/2012 "Future Faith" - Pastor Jeff Heb 11:17-22 mp3

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