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Special Messages

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2/17/2013 Missionary Ken Lowe (ABWE Portugal)   mp3
3/24/2013 Missions Conference: "Seeking Him to Save Them" theme   Unavailable
3/31/2013 Easter: "Come Back" (conclusion of RE-live: Journey with Jesus series) Mark 16 mp3
5/05/2013 Communion Sunday: "Mystery of the Betrayer" - Pastor Jeff Luke 22:21-23 mp3
5/12/2013 Mother's Day: "A Woman of Faith called Grace" - Pastor Jeff 1 Samuel 1 mp3
5/19/2013 Biker Sunday: "Why do I need... to be forgiven?" Psalm 130 mp3
6/02/2013 "It's a Hard Fought Life for Paul" - Pastor Jeff Acts 22:1-21 mp3
8/11/2013 "What the Cross Meant to the Apostle John" Various mp3
8/25/2013 GPS Mission Team Presentation Matt 13:1-9 mp3
9/1/2013 "The Disappearance of Labor Day" - Pastor Jeff Matt 9:35-38 mp3
10/06/2013 "Family Impossible" - Pastor Tim Wright (Fellowship Baptist Church, Wadsworth, OH) Ephesians 5 mp3
10/13/2013 "The Gospel we Preach" - Dr. David Warren (OARBC representative) 1 Cor 15:1-11 mp3
11/17/2013 "Why Thanksgiving?" - Pastor Jeff Psalm 100:4-5 mp3

Sermon Series

Praying Together

Praying Together MBC’S vision for 2013 is “Seeking Him to Save Them.” We are joining together this year to become a praying church, not just to pray as a church. We are going to seek the Lord’s face with renewed commitment for the sake of our unbelieving family & friends. We know that God alone can save and we know that we must become radically dependent upon Him for that to happen.

The opening sermon series of the year not only introduces our 2013 vision but also engages us in the joy of “Praying Together.” Both our Senior Pastor & Associate Pastor will be team preaching this vital theme in January. Throughout the year we will be practicing what we learn in the January series. Join us for an unforgettable journey in what it means to pray together!
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1/06/2013 PRAYING TOGETHER... PREPARES US FOR MINISTRY (Pastor Wright) Acts 20:36; Rom 15:30-33 mp3
1/13/2013 PRAYING TOGETHER... SETS OUR BROTHERS FREE (Pastor Wright) Acts 12:1-18 mp3
1/20/2013 PRAYING TOGETHER... GETS US READY FOR BATTLE (Pastor Jeff) Acts 13:1-3 mp3
1/27/2013 PRAYING TOGETHER... GETS US READY FOR THE GAME (Pastor Jeff) Acts 1:12-14 mp3

Radical Generosity

Radical Generosity

Stewardship series 2013

Scrooge had a long night. What he surmised would be another cold winter evening alone by the fire was interrupted by the chained, head-wrapped ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley. His past was replayed, his present was rehearsed, and his future was revealed. His future was dark, lonely and stripped of any tenderness and joy. So goes the play “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. We think of selfishness and covetousness like Scrooge. Carefully we categorize our needs as genuine, our wants as necessities and “…draw ambiguously blurred lines between the excesses of covetousness and what we must have in order to live.” [Marty Duren]

Enter the cross & radical generosity. Christ giving Himself up for sinners on the cross is the most powerful display of radical generosity our world has ever seen... unmatched. Yet God calls His followers to a radical kind of generosity as well.

So during our Stewardship Month we want to learn what radical generosity is and what it looks like in the church.  We will focus on Paul’s challenge to the Corinthians in II Cor 8-9 where he paints a vivid picture of radical generosity as he witnessed it first hand.  Join us and prepare to see giving in a whole new light.
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2/03/2013 "The Church & Radical Generosity" II Cor 8:1-8a mp3
2/10/2013 "The Greatest Example of Radical Generosity" II Cor 8:8-9 mp3
2/24/2013 "The Rewards of Radical Generosity" II Cor 9:6-14 mp3

He Prayed… & Then

He Prayed & Then Life has a way of crowding out prayer. Paul Miller in his book “A Praying Life” said: “When we slow down to pray, we are immediately confronted with how un-spiritual we are, with how difficult it is to concentrate on God.” But prayer is bringing our helplessness, our stubborn preoccupations to Jesus. In this series we are going to learn from men who did just that. They brought their helplessness, their plight to the Lord and something happened. Prayer is only effective if it is “prayed.” And yes... things do happen after prayer. Join us as we walk through the pages of Scripture, visiting with praying men and observing the startling outcomes to their prayers. This series can change your life.
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3/03/2013 "Abraham for Sodom" - praying for relatives Gen 18:22-33 mp3
3/10/2013 "Moses for Israel" - praying for pardon & restoration Numbers 14:13-20 mp3
3/17/2013 Communion Sunday: Jesus' prayer at Gethsemane Luke 22:39-46 mp3
4/07/2013 "David" - praying in gratitude for blessing II Sam 7:18-29 mp3
4/14/2013 "King Hezekiah" - praying for deliverance for his country & for himself II Kings 19:14-19 & 20:1-11 mp3
4/21/2013 "King Jehoshaphat" - praying for victory in the middle of fear II Chron. 20:1-30 mp3
4/28/2013 "Paul" - praying for the relief from an affliction in his life II Cor. 12:7-10 mp3
5/26/2013 "The Rich Man" - praying for relief in hell Luke 16:19-31 mp3

A Christ-Reflecting Church

A Christ-Reflecting Church The little letter of Paul to the Philippian church is a missionary thank you note. You would never guess that this little epistle was written from the environs of a prison to people who were suffering all kinds of deprivations because of their testimony for Christ. This note overflows with joy, is chocked full of prayer, and offers a basic theology of what a church ought to be. Now to be sure, the church at Philippi was not a perfect church... but it was a progressing church.

The photograph we see in this letter is of a Christ Reflecting Church. How does a church get to that level of ministry... where Christ is reflected in all of its business, attitudes, expenditures of time and resources, and future goals... where Christ is seen clearly in the lives of its redeemed members? That is what we want to learn together in our time over the summer in this little New Testament writing.
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A Christ Reflecting Church has Christ as its Life Mission - Chapter 1
6/09/2013 "The Hands of a Servant" Phil 1:1-11 mp3
6/16/2013 "The Anatomy of a Trial" Phil 1:12-18 mp3
6/23/2013 "The Meaning of Life" Phil 1:19-26 mp3
A Christ Reflecting Church has Christ as its Only Model - Chapter 2
6/30/2013 "Holding Tight" - part 1 Phil 1:27 - 2:4 mp3
7/07/2013 "Holding Tight" - part 2 Phil 1:27 - 2:4 mp3
7/14/2013 "It's All about Attitude" Phil 2:5-11 mp3
7/21/2013 "Coming Out of the Dark" Phil 2:12-18 mp3
7/28/2013 "Pick your Hero Carefully" Phil 2:19-30 mp3
A Christ Reflecting Church has Christ as its Highest Goal – Chapter 3
8/04/2013 "Putting your Past to Rest" Phil 3:1-11 mp3
8/18/2013 "Pressing on to your Future" Phil 3:12 - 4:1 mp3
A Christ Reflecting Church has Christ as its Greatest Strength – Chapter 4
9/8/2013 "Finding the Power to Rejoice" part 1 Phil 4:2-4 mp3
9/15/2013 "Finding the Power to Rejoice" part 2 Phil 4:5-9 mp3
9/22/2013 "Finding the Power to Give" Phil 4:10-23 mp3

Prayer: More than Words

Prayer More than Words

A Study of Matthew 6:9-13

Join us for a fall study on what we commonly call “The Lord’s Prayer.” In reality this is the prayer model Jesus gave to the disciples in response to their request “teach us to pray.” Sometimes our prayer experiences can become stagnant. It is like we keep saying the same things to God. Perhaps this comes from thinking of prayer as words. It is more than words! This model prayer will help us express our need to God for our “breath” and our “bread,” and to do so with reverence and spiritual maturity, going beyond just mere words. Its words are few yet it drives home what prayer should consist of. This study will help us understand what prayer is not to be and what it is supposed to be. We are going to learn about God’s fatherhood, His kingdom and His will. Real forgiveness and strong temptation we learn are also intended to be handled by prayer.
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9/29/2013 "Prayer: More than Words" (An Introduction) Matthew 6:9-13 mp3
10/20/2013 “My Father in Heaven”, part 1 Matthew 6:9 mp3
10/27/2013 “My Father in Heaven”, part 2 Matthew 6:9a mp3
11/03/2013 "More Than a Name" Matthew 6:9b mp3
11/10/2013 “How does the Kingdom Come?” Matthew 6:10a mp3
11/24/2013 "Desiring God's Will on Earth" Matthew 6:10b mp3
12/01/2013 “Back to the Basics” Matthew 6:11 mp3
12/08/2013 "Avoidance & Deliverance" Matthew 6:13 mp3

Miracle on Manger Street

Miracle on Manger Street There are times when we use the term “miracle” inappropriately. A miracle is an intervention of God in this world where God steps outside the normal flow of what He has created and does what is totally impossible for man. This word truly describes the birth of Christ. Born of a virgin, announced by angels, launched on a redemptive mission that surpasses any achievement known to man - this was and is a miracle of unlimited proportions. We are going to examine this miracle from a variety of perspectives. Each perspective will deepen our wonder for this miracle of God. Join us for the trip of a life-time. Here are the stops along this journey:
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12/15/2013 "THREATENED BY THE MIRACLE" Matthew 2:1-19 mp3
12/22/2013 "THE MIRACLE OF A NEW VOICE" Luke 1:67-79 mp3
12/24/2013 Christmas Eve Service: "THE MIRACLE OF GRACE… AT THE MANGER" Luke 2:12 mp3
12/29/2013 "THE AFTERWARD OF THE MIRACLE" Luke 2:17-20 Unavailable

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