2016 Messages

Special Messages

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1/3/2016 Nicole Scarberry’s Launch Service, Missionary to Dominican Republic   mp3
1/10/2016 Presentation of 2016 MBC Vision “Unleashed: Living and Witnessing in the Power of the Spirit” Various mp3
3/6/2016 Communion Sunday: "Why Bread & Wine" II Cor 11:23-24 Unavailable
[Technical Difficulties]
3/20/2016 Annual Missions Conference - Nate & Lauren Bell (ABWE)
Annual Missions Conference - John & Marissa Sharbaugh (Faith Global Missions)
Annual Missions Conference - Don & Sue Whipple (Bethesda)


3/27/2016 Easter Sunday: "Proof Positive-No Doubt" various mp3
4/17/2016 "Now is the Time", GPS High School Missions Presentation - Pastor Jeff & teens Jeremiah 1:4-8 mp3
5/1/2016 Communion Sun: "Is God Willing to Forgive Our Sins?" Isaiah 1 mp3
5/15/2016 “Out with the Old, In with the New" [Grieving the HS] - Pastor Jeff Ephesians 4:22-32 mp3
5/22/2016 Biker Sunday: "The Greatest Risk of All" John 3:36 mp3
5/29/2016 Memorial Day Message - Pastor Jeff Exodus 28:29; Joshua 4:1-4; Acts 10:1-4 mp3
6/12/2016 Communion Sunday: “He Made It Right (Reconciliation)” Romans 5:6-11; Colossians 1:20-22 mp3
6/26/2016 GPS Mission Trip Presentation Galatians 5:14 mp3
7/03/2016 "Independence vs Dependence" Hebrews 11:13-16 mp3
7/31/2016 VOM - guest speaker Robert Brock various unavailable
8/7/2016 Communion Sun: "Death Deserved, But Grace Came, Jesus Died & I Live" II Kings 21:1-8; II Chron 33:10-20 mp3
8/14/2016 “Who Is Jesus & Why Does It Matter?” - Devin Goodwin Matthew 16:13-27 mp3
9/18/2016 Wake Up & Watch - Pastor Paul LaBorde Mark 13:32-37 mp3
11/6/2016 Mel Walker, VP of Clark Summit University speaking Acts 11 mp3
11/13/2016 Communion Sun: "Are We Really That Bad?" Rom 3:23; I Tim 1:15 mp3
11/27/2016 "Grateful Church... Grateful People" Psalm 46 mp3
12/18/2016 Special MBC Christmas Musical/Drama: "While the World Slept" mp3

Completed Series

Just Who is the Holy Spirit and Why Should I Care?


"Just Who is the Holy Spirit and Why Should I Care?"

Too often we have allowed our understanding and appreciation for the Holy Spirit to be clouded and dampened by groups that teach falsehood and engage in erroneous practices about this wonderful member of the Trinity. In our series we are going to give a biblically sound answer to the question “Who is the Holy Spirit and Why should I care.” As we engage in our 2016 vision “UNLEASHED: LIVING & WITNESSING IN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT” we have to answer this question accurately and biblically. Join us as we see from the Bible how God answers this question.
Date Title/Speaker Text Audio
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1/17/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Converter" - Pastor Wright
Rom 8:1-17
1/24/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Temple" - Pastor Jeff 1 Cor 6:15-20; 2 Cor 6:14-18 mp3
1/31/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Comforter/Helper" - Pastor Wright
John 14:16-20, 25-27; 15:26
2/7/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Convictor" - Pastor Jeff
John 16:4-11 mp3
2/14/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Writer" - Pastor Tom Wolf
2 Timothy 3:14-17 mp3
2/21/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Intercessor" - Pastor Jeff Rom 8:26-27 mp3
2/28/2016 The Holy Spirit as the "Influencer" - Pastor Wright Eph 5:15-33
3/13/2016 The Holy Spirit as "Creator" Genesis 1:1-2, selected texts

5 Life Lessons from 5 Years of Ministry

5 Lessons 5 Years

DateTitle/SpeakerTextAudio (right click to save)
8/28/2016 "5 Life Lessons from 5 Years of Ministry" part 1 - Pastor Jeff Matt 6:19-21, 33-34; 1 John 5:14-15 mp3
9/4/2016 "5 Life Lessons from 5 Years of Ministry" part 2 - Pastor Jeff Phil 2:3-4; Luke 15:8-10; 1 Tim 6:19-20 mp3

Can I Pray for You?

Can I Pray for You

DateTitle/SpeakerTextAudio (right click to save)
10/16/2016 Can I Pray For You? - "A Prayer for Spiritual Strength" - Pastor Jeff Ephesians 3:14-21 mp3
10/23/2016 Can I Pray For You? - "The Christian Workout Routine" - Pastor Jeff Colossians 1:9-14 mp3

The Holy Spirit and the Church


"The Holy Spirit and the Church - studies in the book of Acts"

The book of Acts helps us make sense out of the rest of the New Testament. The gospels end with the resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus. The epistles, mostly by Paul, are largely doctrinal in nature which leaves us with some questions that only the book of Acts answers for us. It is in the book of Acts that we see firsthand what it means to be unleashed in the power of the Spirit. The church is birthed, matures, and expands with the Gospel to all the world empowered by the Holy Spirit. It is important for the church today to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in moving the church out into the world for the sake of Christ and His Gospel. Jesus said in John 15 that without Him we could do nothing. So when He ascended to heaven, He sent His Spirit to live in and be with all believers. It is in the presence of and through the power of the Holy Spirit we are able to do ministry and reach our world for Christ. Join us as we trace the acts of the Spirit in the book of Acts through the early church and learn how his ministry continues to impact the church today.
Date Title/Speaker Text Audio
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The Church in Preparation by the Holy Spirit
4/3/2016 “Ready-Made By The Spirit”
Acts 1:1-26 mp3
The Church in Conception by the Holy Spirit
4/10/2016 “When the Spirit Comes, The Church Arrives” part 1 Acts 2:1-13 mp3
4/24/2016 “Preaching & Practicing in the Spirit” part 2 Acts 2:14-47 mp3
The Church in Action Through the Holy Spirit
5/8/2016 “When You Have Nothing, Maybe You Have Everything!” Acts 3:1-26 mp3
6/5/2016 “It All Happens in the Name of Jesus” Acts 4:1-22 mp3
6/19/2016 “In the Spirit--Unafraid” Acts 4:23-37 mp3
7/10/2016 “Don’t Ever Lie to the Spirit!” part 1 Acts 5:1-11 mp3
7/17/2016 “Don’t Ever Lie to the Spirit!” part 2 Acts 5:12-42 mp3
7/24/2016 "Do We Have Spirit-Filled Men?” part 1 Acts 6:1-15 mp3
8/21/2016 "Do We Have Spirit-Filled Men?” part 2 Acts 7:1-60 mp3
The Church in Expansion by the Holy Spirit
9/11/2016 “Buckle Up- If You Are Serious About Following the Spirit” Acts 8:1-40 mp3
9/25/2016 Same Message--Different Places [Communion Sunday] Acts 8:26-40 mp3
10/2/2016 “Things That Happen to You When You are Converted by the Spirit” Acts 9:1-31 mp3
10/9/2016 “When the Mission Seems Strange, Trust the Spirit” Acts 9:32-10:48 mp3
10/30/2016 “The Church Reaching Out Through the Spirit” Acts 11:1-30 mp3
11/20/2016 “When the Spirit Goes to Prison” Acts 12:1-13:5 mp3

Records from Jesus' Baby Book

Records from Jesus' Baby Book

"Records from Jesus' Baby Book"

God gave us Jesus’ baby book records in the Gospel of Matthew. You can learn a lot about a baby by noting his baby book entries. That Jesus is unique, a one-of-a-kind person is strongly revealed as we read each entry. The entries in this baby book are encouraging, assuring, and captivating. There is no one like Jesus. Join us as we peruse Jesus’ baby book records and come to appreciate our Savior more than ever before.
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12/04/2016 His Birth Certificate
This morning we are going to look at the birth certificate of the Lord Jesus. Your birth certificate is an official document that proves you were born and legitimizes your existence. The genealogy recorded by Matthew is much more than a boring list of names. It is a mirror of our own journey.
Matt 1:1-17 mp3
12/11/2016 His Birth Parents
Today we consider the birth parents of the Lord Jesus. The uniqueness of his birth experience and the instruments used to bring Jesus into the world all have great significance for us. Our future hope rests on whether or not it happened as the Bible records it.
Matt 1:18-25 mp3
12/25/2016 His Birth Names
On this day [Christmas Day] we are going to study the birth names of the Lord Jesus. A baby’s name is chosen with hopes and dreams for the child. The names of Jesus reveal the person of Jesus. Understanding His names reveals His heart. Unforgettable names…unimagined blessing…unequaled gift!
Matt 1:21,23; 2:1-15 mp3

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