2017 Messages

Special Messages

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3/12/2017 Communion Sunday: "Unexpected Miracles at the Cross: The Darkness Miracle" Luke 23:44-45; Matthew 27:45 mp3 watch
3/26/2017 Annual Missions Conference N/A N/A
4/16/2017 Easter Sunday: "How does the Resurrection Affect Your Life Every Day?" I Cor 15:14-22, 32 mp3 watch
5/7/2017 Communion Sunday: "The Miracle of the Torn Veil" Matthew 27:50-51 mp3 watch
5/21/2017 Biker Sunday: "The Miracle of 2 Words" Colossians 1:13-14 mp3 watch
6/25/2017 Communion Sunday: "Miracles at the Cross - the Earth Shook" - Pastor Jeff Matthew 27:51-54 mp3 watch
7/16/2017 VBS Closing Program - "When God Speaks" Psalm 19 mp3 watch
8/6/2017 “Same Decision, Two Paths” - Pastor Jeff Genesis 3:1-7 mp3 watch
8/13/2017 GPS Mission Trip Presentation – Theme: I Am Second mp3 watch
8/20/2017 Communion Sunday: “Reminders to Remember the Redeemer” - Pastor Jeff Genesis 3:14-19 mp3 watch
9/10/2017 "The New Beginning" - Pastor Jeff Genesis 37-50 mp3 watch
9/17/2017 Communion Sunday: "3 Reactions to Jesus' Death" - Pastor Jeff Matthew 27:55-66 mp3 watch
9/24/2017 "When God Says 'No'" - Pastor Larry Nocella mp3 watch
11/19/2017 Communion & Baptism Sunday I Corinthians 1:18-25 mp3 watch
11/26/2017 "Soul" Purpose - Nate Bell John 4:31-38 mp3 watch
12/24/2017 “Behold Our God” Celebration Choir Isaiah 9:1-6 mp3 watch

Completed Series

Basics Revisited

Basics Revisited

"Basics Revisited - what we believe & why it is important!"

We go into the future by finding our way forward thru resting on what we know to be true today.

Video archive of this series
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1/1/2017 The Bible - Pastor Wright II Peter 1:19-21 mp3 watch
1/8/2017 One God - Pastor Tom Wolf mp3 watch
1/15/2017 Jesus Christ - Pastor Jeff John 1 & Mark 2 mp3 watch
1/22/2017 Angels - Pastor Wright Hebrews 1:4-14 mp3 watch
1/29/2017 Creation - Pastor Jeff Genesis 1-2 mp3 watch
2/5/2017 Sin & Sinners - Pastor Wright Romans 3, 5 mp3 watch
2/12/2017 Salvation: From Death to Life - Pastor Jeff Ephesians 2:1-9 mp3 watch
2/19/2017 Doctrine of the Church - Bill Tobias, ABWE Missionary mp3 watch
2/26/2017 Resurrection: our reaction to 3 actions of Jesus - Pastor Jeff Acts 1:1-11 not available not available
3/5/2017 Final Judgment part 1- Pastor Wright Rev 20:11-15 mp3 watch
3/19/2017 Final Judgment part 2- Pastor Wright I Cor 3; II Cor 5; Rom 14 mp3 watch

Lessons from Great Prayers of OT Saints

Prayers of OT Saints

"Lessons from Great Prayers of OT Saints"

Warren Wiersbe in his little book entitled “Prayer 101” said “Prayer is not only serious business, but it’s also an expensive privilege. Why should our prayers be like the cheap temple sacrifices of which Malachi speaks when Jesus had to suffer and die just to make the privilege of prayer possible? ...To make light of prayer and take it for granted, to pray carelessly and flippantly, is to make light of the death of God’s only Son. God doesn’t answer cheap prayers.”
It is my desire to pray better, to pray more, and to pray honorably before the Lord. I believe we need some “prayer mentors” and we have those in some of the Old Testament saints. Their prayers and circumstances surrounding those prayers can teach us and model for us how to experience growth in praying. After all, in light of our theme this year “BASICS REVISITED” how more basic can we get than prayer. Join us for a very practical journey in the classroom with some very special prayer mentors.
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4/2/2017 A City Prayer: How to pray for a city - Our Mentor: Abraham Genesis 18:22- mp3 watch
4/9/2017 A Pardoning Prayer: How to intercede for the guilty - Our Mentor: Moses Numbers 14:13-23 mp3 watch
4/23/2017 A Glory Prayer: How to pray to know God better - Our Mentor: Moses Exodus 33:12-23 mp3 watch
4/30/2017 A Stressful Prayer: How to pray when stressed out - Our Mentor: David Psalm 3:1-8 mp3 watch
5/14/2017 A Grateful Prayer: How to truly thank God - Our Mentor: Hannah 1 Samuel 2:1-10 mp3 watch
5/28/2017 A Confession Prayer: How to confess a nation's sin - Our Mentor: Daniel Daniel 9:1-27 mp3 watch
6/4/2017 Another Confession Prayer: How to confess the church's sin - Our Mentor: Ezra Ezra 9:6-15 mp3 watch
6/11/2017 A Fearful Prayer: How to pray when you are afraid - Our Mentor: Hezekiah 2 Kings 19:14-19 mp3 watch
6/18/2017 A Desperate Prayer: How to pray when all the chips are down - Our Mentor: Nehemiah Nehemiah 1:1-12 mp3 watch
7/2/2017 A Deliverance Prayer: How to pray for deliverance - Our Mentor: Jonah Jonah 2:2-9 mp3 watch
7/9/2017 A Humble Prayer: How to avoid proud praying - Our Mentor: David 1 Chron 17:16-27 mp3 pending

The Marks We Carry

The Marks You Carry

“THE MARKS WE CARRY: Where the proof is in the practice!”

When a person is truly born again, the Bible teaches that God “marks” him. He is set apart, devoted to God, changed from the inside out. He is made different. We call that act and process “sanctification,” meaning to be set apart or “holy.” God has a very specific goal for those He has redeemed. He does not leave us as He found us. He starts to work on us and in us and that work continues all of our lives.
Sinclair Ferguson explains it best in his book “Devoted to God” when he said:

“God has made provision for our sanctification in the gospel. His ultimate goal is the development of family likeness—our becoming like our elder brother, Jesus Christ, and expressing the character traits of our heavenly Father….In the New Testament the basic command of old covenant life, ‘Be holy as I am holy’ now means ‘ Become like Jesus.’”

In our series together we are going to discover the marks God puts on a believer and how those marks are to show up regularly and consistently in everyday life. There is nothing “’spooky” about the idea of being “sanctified.” This series will be practical and challenging as we listen carefully to what God is actually saying about the process of change He has begun in us for His glory.
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7/23/2017 INTRODUCTION - HOW DOES GOD PUT HIS MARK ON YOU AS A BELIEVER: Where you are and how you got there Rom.6-8; 12:1-2 mp3 watch
7/30/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR AFFECTION: What you love, what you feel, and what you hate Matt 22:37 mp3 watch
9/3/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR WORK: How You Obey & Serve Col. 3:23-24 mp3 watch
10/1/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR THOUGHTS: What You Think Rom. 8:1-11 mp3 watch
10/8/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR WILL& DESIRE: What you seek, what you choose, & what you reject Phil. 3:1-11 mp3 watch
10/15/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR CHARACTER: What You Are I Cor. 13:4-8 mp3 watch
10/22/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR HEART: How You Deal with Sin & Temptation 1 Cor 10:1-13 mp3 watch
10/29/2017 MARKED BY GOD IN YOUR STEWARDSHIP: How & Why You Give I Cor. 6:19-20 mp3 watch
11/5/2017 "Healthy Spirituality" - Pastor Jeff Proverbs 3:5-8 mp3 watch
11/12/2017 CONCLUSION - THE GOAL OF GOD’S MARK ON YOU AS A BELIEVER: How You Grow Romans 8:28-30 mp3 watch

A Christmas Walk

A Christmas Walk

A Christmas Walk

In our Christmas series we are going to endeavor to take a Christmas walk with some people that can tell us something about this wonderful Savior who came for us. We will endeavor to put ourselves “in their shoes” from a biblical perspective, understanding their culture and context enabling us to see Jesus through their eyes. Join us for a time of worship, reflection, challenge, and growth as we look at Jesus like we are seeing Him for the first time.
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12/3/2017 A walk… with the Prophets Matt 2:3-23 mp3 watch
12/10/2017 A walk… with Mary & Joseph Matt 1:18-25 mp3 watch
12/17/2017 A walk… with the Shepherds Luke 2:8-20 mp3 watch
12/31/2017 A walk… with Jesus Phil 2:5-11 mp3 watch

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