2019 Messages

Special / Guest Messages

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3/31/2019 Mel Walker Speaking: "Going On for God" mp3 watch
4/21/2019 Easter Sunday upcoming upcoming
5/5/2019 Communion Sunday upcoming upcoming
5/12/2019 Mother's Day upcoming upcoming
5/19/2019 Biker Sunday upcoming upcoming
5/26/2019 Memorial Day upcoming upcoming
TBD Annual Missions Conference n/a n/a

Completed Series

Today, Tomorrow & Forever

Today Tomorrow Forever

Today Tomorrow Forever

Here Comes the Future

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1/6/2019 The Future of Missions: Pastor Tom Wolf mp3 watch
1/13/2019 Family in the Past - Pastor Jeff Genesis 2:18-25 mp3 watch
1/27/2019 Family in the Present - Pastor Jeff Colossians 3:17-22 mp3 watch
2/3/2019 Future of the Family - Pastor Jeff Acts 10:34-43; Joshua 24:14-15 mp3 watch
The Future of the Gospel (Gal 5:1-6:18)
2/10/2019 You can stand in Freedom Gal 5:1-15 mp3 watch
2/17/2019 You can live in Power Gal 5:16-25 mp3 watch
2/24/2019 You can serve in Love / Communion Sunday Gal 6:1-10 mp3 watch
3/3/2019 You can boast in the Cross Gal 6:11-18 mp3 pending

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Current Series

7 Churches

Jesus Walks among the Churches

As we follow our year-long theme of "Today, Tomorrow & Forever", the scene in Revelation 2-3 of Jesus walking among the churches prepares the church for the future. What those churches wrestled with and the changes Christ commanded those churches to make, speak to the church today, for we are not unlike them at all. Though time and culture changes, the hearts of men do not. The challenges Christ brings to those New Testament churches are very relevant for us today. When Jesus speaks specifically to the church, we better listen for our future well-being depends on being obediently responsive to His message.
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3/10/19 Christ walking... among the churches Rev 1:9-20 mp3 watch
3/17/2019 Christ's message to a Church whose Love has Faded Rev 2:1-7 mp3 watch
3/24/2019 Christ's message for a Suffering Church - Pastor Jeff speaking Rev 2:8-11 mp3 watch
4/7/2019 Christ's message to a Compromising Church Rev 2:12-17 mp3 pending
4/14/2019 Christ's message to an Overly Tolerant Church Rev 2:18-29 mp3 pending
4/28/2019 Christ's message to a Dying Church Rev 3:1-6 upcoming upcoming
6/2/2019 Christ's message to a Favored Church Rev 3:7-13 upcoming upcoming
6/9/2019 Christ's message to a Lukewarm Church Rev 3:14-22 upcoming upcoming

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