2020 Messages

Special / Guest Messages

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1/26/2020 Communion Sunday - "The Problem with Sin and the Power of the Cross" Romans 1:16-20 mp3 watch
2/2/2020 Missions Sunday with one of our missionaries Exodus 14 n/a n/a
2/16/2020 Missions Sunday with one of our missionaries Matthew 28:16-20 n/a n/a
2/23/2020 Love Like Jesus - Pastor Jeff John 13:34-35 mp3 watch
3/8/2020 Missions Sunday with one of our missionaries Romans 10 n/a n/a
3/29/2020 God Ordained Leadership Transitions: From Elijah to Elisha, Part 1 - Pastor Jeff 1 Kings 19-22 mp3 watch
4/5/2020 God Ordained Leadership Transitions: From Elijah to Elisha, Part 2 - Pastor Jeff 1 Kings 2 & 3 mp3 watch
4/12/2020 Easter Sunday 1 Cor 15 mp3 watch
5/10/2020 Mother's Day - "Where is God in the Challenges of Life?" 2 Kings 4:1-37 mp3 watch
TBD Communion Sunday pending pending

Completed Series

God Ordained Life Transitions: Genesis

Life Transitions Genesis

God Ordained Life Transitions: Beginning... Genesis

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From Nothing to Something
1/5/2020 The Beginning: from Nothing to Something (Gen 1-2) part 1 Gen 1-2 mp3 watch
1/12/2020 The Beginning: from Nothing to Something (Gen 1-2) part 2 Gen 1-2 mp3 watch
From Sin to Salvation (Gen 3-11)
1/19/2020 Sin Comes... but Salvation Triumphs - Pastor Jeff Gen 3-4 mp3 watch
2/9/2020 Sin Escalates... but Salvation Triumphs Gen 6-9 mp3 watch
3/1/2020 Sin Scatters... but Salvation Triumphs Gen 11 mp3 watch
From Unbelief to Faith (Gen 12-26)
3/22/2020 Abraham is Tested Gen 12-26 mp3 watch
4/19/2020 Abraham is Tested: The Dispute Gen 13 mp3 watch
4/26/2020 Abraham is Tested: The Child Issue Gen 15-18 mp3 watch
5/3/2020 Abraham is Tested: The Prayer Gen 18-19 mp3 watch
5/17/2020 Abraham Believes: The Sacrifice Gen 22-26 mp3 watch
From Willfulness to Sovereignty (Gen 25-36)
5/24/2020 Jacob and Esau: Willful Ambitions Gen 25 mp3 watch
5/31/2020 Jacob and Esau: Willful Deception Gen 27-31 mp3 watch
6/7/2020 Jacob Submits: To God Gen 32 mp3 watch
6/14/2020 Jacob Submits: To Esau - Pastor Jeff Gen 33 mp3 watch
From Defeat to Victory (Gen 27-50)
6/21/2020 Joseph's Defeats: His Dreams Gen 37 mp3 watch
6/28/2020 Joseph's Defeats: His Trials "Trials Teach" - Pastor Jeff Gen 39-40 mp3 watch
7/5/2020 Joseph: Victories & Promotions Gen 41 mp3 watch
7/12/2020 Joseph's Victories: His Reunion Gen 42-46 mp3 watch
7/19/2020 Joseph's End: His Blessings "God Can Redeem" Gen 48-50 mp3 watch

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Current Series

Faith Transitions

God Ordained Faith Transitions In The Lives of Moses & Joshua

Everyone thought Moses was irreplaceable as the leader of Israel. God used him greatly... plagues of Egypt... crossing of the Red Sea…manna in the wilderness... water from a rock... and on the list goes. That is quite a list. But the truth is that none of us are irreplaceable.
God raises up His leaders, uses them, and then raises up new leaders in their place to carry on His plan and work.
After Moses, Joshua comes on the scene. And you have the crossing of the Jordon... the fall of the walls of Jericho... the march into and conquering of the promised land. Both men greatly used by God... but it was not easy for either of these men nor for those whom they were tasked to lead. Yet God in His grace accomplished His purposes.
The transition in their lives and the lives of Israel was used of God to reach generations of Israelites and other nations as well with the good news about God’s coming Messiah. We want to trace the hand-off of leadership and note the lessons God would have us all learn from their transitions. It truly was a faith transition for all involved!

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7/26/2020 Moses Plans for the Next Leader & So Should We Deut 31 mp3 watch
8/2/2020 Moses Sings about the Greatness of God & So Should We Deut 32 mp3 pending
8/9/2020 Moses Speaks about the Blessings of God & So Should We Deut 33 pending pending
8/16/2020 Joshua’s God-given Gifts: What We Should Appreciate (Pastor Jeff) Deut 34; Joshua 1:1-9 pending pending
8/23/2020 Joshua’s First Assignment and What He Knew: What we Ought to Know (Pastor Jeff) Joshua 1:10-18 pending pending
8/30/2020 Joshua’s First Failure and What He Learned: What We Ought to Learn Joshua 7-8 pending pending

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