2021 Messages

Special / Guest Messages

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1/24/2021 State of the Church Address Acts 20:28 pending pending
3/7/2021 Communion Sunday pending pending
4/4/2021 Easter Sunday pending pending

Current Series


Refocus: On the Mission

“Inviting People to Know & Follow Christ” is the mission of MBC. This series will go to the roots of this statement by providing Biblical support and application at every turn. Each word in this mission is impactful within our church and in our community. Come along for this journey through God’s Word as we hope to embolden the conviction of our mission statement together.

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1/3/2021 2021 Vision - "REFOCUS"; "Inviting" - Personal Evangelism Romans 10:14-15 mp3 Watch
1/10/2021 "People" - Community Matthew 9:35-38 mp3 Watch
1/17/2021 "People" - Sanctity of Life Sunday 1 John 4:7-21 mp3 Watch
1/31/2021 "Know" - Relationship with Christ (Pastor Jacob) 1 John 5:9-13 pending pending
2/7/2021 "Know" - Relationship with Others 1 Thess 2:7-12 pending pending
2/14/2021 "Follow" - Embracing Life as Follower of Christ Psalm 1; Psalm 23 pending pending
2/21/2021 "Christ" - Who Christ Is (Pastor Jacob) John 10:7-30 pending pending
2/28/2021 "Christ" - What Christ Did (Pastor Jacob) Isaiah 53 pending pending

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