We are always delighted when people inquire about membership here at MBC. We hope the following will answer any questions you may have about becoming an official part of our church family.

What is membership at MBC?

Though some choose to remain friends of the ministry and attend regularly, others take the step of linking arms with other believers for God’s glory. Membership is an important part of life at here at MBC because it affords you greater opportunities for involvement and service with us. It also signifies your commitment to a local body of believers and reflects your serious desire to obey the word of God. Finally, it reveals your heart to partner with other believers to share the Gospel in a wider & more effective way. Most of the New Testament letters were written to people who were joined together in the fellowship of a church. Though joining with us in membership does not change your status with God, it does prompt your growth and accountability to others in the body of Christ while giving you a wider and more impactive voice to our community at large for the cause of Christ.

How do I become a member of MBC?

You must be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and you must be baptized by immersion as a testimony to your faith in Christ. As a born-again believer you must also be living a life that consistently demonstrates you are following Christ and obeying His Word.

What is the process for pursuing membership at MBC?

Assuming you meet the above requirements, you may request a copy of our constitution, bylaws, and doctrinal statement from the church office or any member of the pastoral staff or church board. This gives you opportunity to acquaint yourself with what we believe and practice. After you have read these articles, and if you find yourself in substantial agreement with them, you may sign up for the next new members class. Following the classes, you may request an interview with one of the pastoral staff. Subsequent to that meeting, a time may be set to meet with our deacons for recommendation to the church family. Upon recommendation of our deacons you will be presented to the congregation to be received by vote into our church family.