Welcome to MBC!

We are so glad you are here!

What to Expect
We suggest you arrive 15-20 minutes early so we are able to meet you at our Welcome Center, and assist you in any needs such as child check-in, layout of the building, or access to the elevator lift.

What to Wear
Come as you are. Some dress casual, some dress more formal.

Solid Grounds Coffee Shop
Prior to the service, order a free specialty coffee or hot chocolate made by our talented baristas. Did we mention that it's FREE? (Excludes summer months, sorry)
Next Sunday...
  • Sunday Worship

    Sunday Worship

    06-04-2023 10:30 am
    Graduation Sunday - Pastor Jacob
  • Communion Sunday

    Communion Sunday

    06-11-2023 10:30 am
    Communion Service - Who's the Stubborn One Now? - Numbers Ch. 22-25
  • Sunday Worship

    Sunday Worship

    06-18-2023 10:30 am
    Father's Day - Health of the Family
  • Sunday Worship

    Sunday Worship

    06-25-2023 10:30 am
    Kid Camps Sunday
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